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Grant Policy

Projects of a Civic or Humanitarian Nature

  |  Grant Policy

One of the goals pursued by AREF is to contribute to the achievement of projects, either individual or collective, of a social, cultural or intellectual nature. In order to promote this goal, AREF adopted a policy to support such projects sponsored by members of various regions.

Main Principles

Selection criteria and other provisions are stated in the Project Guidelines.

1.This AREF grant program is intended to support the involvement of its members in civic or humanitarian activities on a local, regional or international scale.

2.AREF wishes to support several of its members and thus a diversity of activities for the benefit of a large number of people.

3.Grants awarded must be used for education-related activities, formal or non-formal, that are consistent with the values, goals and objectives of AREF.

4.Grants awarded must not be a substitute for traditional sources of funding for the activities in question (i.e. activities usually undertaken by an employer, a local, regional or national government program or department, an organization, an insurance plan, a political party, etc.).

Project Guidelines

Grant Policy and Selection Criteria

The grant policy sets out the main principles and selection criteria used to determine, each year, which projects submitted by members will be subsidized by AREF.

Deadline: December 31, 2023

Submission of Projects

Please read the Project Guidelines carefully before submitting a funding request.

Please send your submission form by email to the Project Committee at: