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Group Insurance

Contract 1011
  |  Group Insurance
January 30, 2020

*To all AREF members

La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services and SSQ Insurance have decided to combine operations.


1.AREF’s Role

Contract 1011 allows for participatory management where the AREF Insurance Committee can periodically consult with the Insurer about contract issues. The committee annually receives a contract review and with the help of its actuary, insurance rates for the new year are negotiated with La Capitale.

The insurance coverage can be modified according to the needs of our members, as voiced at the AGM, and taking into consideration the cost it may involve.

The AREF Insurance Committee is made up of elected members at the AGM and is responsible for managing the insurance plan as well as dealing with contentious issues with La Capitale. No other insurance company or contract offer this possibility because the insurance company is sole policyholder and the insured is alone to defend themself.

2.Insurance Coverage and Participant’s Age

The rates for supplementary health benefits are the same for everyone, regardless of age, contrary to most other contracts offered by insurance companies or other associations. There are but two categories: individual and family (eventually including dependents). For life insurance, the rates vary according to age group or gender.

3.Travel Insurance

Credits cards often cover a very limited time period whereas contract 1011 offers a coverage of 182 days which is the same coverage as the Quebec health insurance plan.

Furthermore, the cost of an individual travel insurance plan is by far more expensive than the $30 membership fee of AREF.

La Capitale

Group Insurance

Access documents related to the group insurance contract between AREF and La Capitale.


You must be an AREF member to benefit from its group insurance. It is mandatory.

Are eligible to group insurance:

All persons who, the day preceding their date of retirement, satisfy the two following conditions:

1.Were members of the Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec (FNEEQ – CSN) or of the Fédération autonome du collégial (FAC).

2.Were covered under the health and/or the life insurance benefit of a group insurance contract.

All dependents of a participant are eligible for insurance at the same date as the participant if they are already a dependent, or as of the date on which they subsequently become dependents.


Enrolment in Health insurance coverage* and Life insurance is optional and one may choose to keep only one or the other of these benefits. However, the decision not to enroll in either benefit is irrevocable.

*Please note that this plan does not provide for the reimbursement of prescription drugs on the RAMQ list. However, persons under age 65 who are eligible under another group insurance plan (for example spousal coverage) that reimburses prescription drugs on the RAMQ list must participate in that plan.