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About Us

Mission & Objectives

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The Association des retraitées et des retraités de l’enseignement de la FNEEQ (AREF) is an association made up primarily of retirees who worked in higher education institutions affiliated to the FNEEQ. It aims to improve the quality of life of its members, and protects their rights and interests. Its head office is located in the province of Quebec.


The mission of the AREF is to reunite retirees with common interests in the spirit of solidarity. Specifically, it aims to achieve the following objectives:


To promote, defend and safeguard the interests of the Association members as the policyholder of a group insurance contract, including disability insurance.


To promote its members’ economic, cultural and social interests to social and political decision-makers.


To contribute to public discussions in collaboration with associations or groups in the fields of education and social, economic and cultural development.


To develop, with the help of other organizations, programs and services catering to the needs of retirees.


To contribute to projects, either individual or collective, of a social, cultural or intellectual nature, initiated across Quebec.


To inform and communicate with members of the Association, the FNEEQ and other groups with common interests, using appropriate methods.

Membership Dues

A monthly amount of $2.50 (annual $30) is deducted from every member’s pension by Retraite Québec to help the AREF to achieve its objectives. Membership dues are used to:
  • Manage day-to-day operations.
  • Make sure the interests of the members are well defended against the government body in collaboration with other retiree associations (GTAR, Alliance des Association de retraités, Observatoire de la Retraite) in order to maintain their benefits regarding the retirement plan and to supplement them where possible.
  • Hold Annual General Meetings of the members where the expenses related to participation (travelling, hotel and meals) are partly covered, thus ensuring a true democracy.
  • Produce the newsletter AREF-Info twice a year.
  • Finance projects of a humanitarian or civic nature initiated by the members.
  • Maintain agreements for general insurance discounts.
  • Ensure the management of the group insurance contract, including the fees of the AREF’s consulting actuary.

*Please note that membership dues do not qualify for a tax credit because they are not paid in relation to employment, like union and professional dues.